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Marching Right Along! Prepare For WAR…

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Dude… projects abound around here!

I can’t complain though because it’s my fault I am this way. Haha!

We’re slowly getting this up and running because of the other things I have obligated myself to, but I’m ok with it because I love serving people, ideas and movements! And there’s a movement on my hands…

American clergyman and civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 – 1968) (center, bottom half of image) marches with hundreds of supporters and members of the Chicago Freedom Movement along State Street, Chicago, Illinois, July 26, 1965. (Photo by Robert Abbott Sengstacke/Getty Images)

I have my job/job, which is the biggest part of my calling. I love being a Creative Director, and I really didn’t believe I would end up in vocational ministry, even though that fire was lit in me so long ago. I guess I stopped dreaming about it until recently because of the experiences I had in my late teens and through my 20s. It really is a wonder what God has brought my through to get me HERE.

I have my passion/job, which is my calling to serve others like me. I’m helping two other persons and ideas to get off the ground and running. This is something I have had a heart for ever since I was in my mid-20s and experienced vocational failure for the very first time in my life. It wasn’t my dream, but I was a big part of it, and had attached myself to it. When people didn’t come through for us, it failed… miserably. I made a promise to myself that day to educate myself in business things, systems, and leadership, and to seek the Kingdom for a plan. It developed into a passion to help people that needed to get “lift-off” on the things they desired and cared about with every ounce of their existence. Start-ups will always have my heart. I want them to flourish!

And I have my calling/job, which is something that merged from the two previous circumstances. This is because of how everything came together for me this year of my life. I have almost been on earth for 40 years… that sank in recently. My experiences may be unique to me, but experiencing them is something I know isn’t unique, in that every person has a path. My calling is to help people on their path.

I love this movie. (The Patriot, 2000)

Getting to your destination is crucial to your life and for you to serve YOUR purpose in the lives of others. And I feel like, in the times we are living in, the way things are going and the way they have gone, stepping into your destiny is something people don’t explore and commit to discovering as much as they should to bring those things to pass.

It’s easy to “go with the flow”, to just get something going that isn’t necessarily your dream or your calling just to make a means, or to listen to what people say you should do or who they say you should be… and I say, “ENOUGH!”

So, I am staking my claim, and letting my banner fly in the wind for all to see… We need to take our lives and their purpose back, commit to owning them, and making it known exactly WHO we are and WHAT WE WILL DO!

Will you take up your banner and join me?

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