Goal Diggin’ [Ep. 006]

The CREATOR following Podcast - Episode 006 - Goal Diggin'

Today, we will tackle one of the most important aspects of success in your creative life: Goal Diggin’! I’ve been at it for years, trying and failing, and trying again, but succeeding after shedding blood, sweat and tears. In my experience, if you want to go the distance, you need to set your goals!

About This Episode…

Goal diggin’ is the number one thing that will propel your creative life! You’ll learn what I have realized over the years by trying several different ways to accomplish big things, and I will give you a quick and easy way to achieve your goals!

What Do You Mean “Goal Diggin'”?

There have been so many ways people try to set and achieve their goals, and I have tried almost all of them.

In this episode, we will talk about the importance of having goals, setting them, and how to ensure success in accomplishing them. I’ve made a cool little acronym to help you navigate through best practices in goal setting, and to help you to stay on track. Furthermore, if you implement these practices, you will be setting and accomplishing goals in no time!

Episode Outline

0:30 – Intro
0:41 – Beginning of Backstory
1:20 – What I’ve Learned
1:42 – Point #1
3:08 – Point #2
4:15 – Acronym!
4:57 – Principle #1
6:26 – Principle #2
8:53 Principle #3
11:50 – Principle #4
14:39 – Principle #5
18:03 – Conclusion
18:35 – Word of Advice

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Goal Diggin'

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Need something to help you keep track?
Download this Goal Diggin’ Year Template!

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