The 7 Questions Creatives Need to Ask [Ep. 004.1]

The 7 Important Questions Creatives Need to Ask

Have you ever asked yourself if you are where you need to be? Are you at a point where you don’t feel as fulfilled as you’d like to feel? In this episode, you will be asking yourself 7 very important questions creatives need to ask in order to determine their “true calling”. In the next episode, we will be diving in to 3 important things to consider for cultivating your creative life.


Watch the video on YouTube or listen to the episode and fill out the download provided above! We hope this helps you to grow, and that it blesses you on your way to find your true calling!

What’s This All About?

If you have the slightest bit of curiosity to find out if you could be doing something else, or something more… Then, you’ve come to the right place! This episode is for those of you who are stuck doing something unfulfilling, those that aren’t doing anything at all, or those that need a little encouragement and redirection in what they’re already doing.

These questions creatives need to ask are are crucial for you to really understand where you’ve come from, where you’re at, and the direction in which you could and should be headed. But it is important to remember that this won’t be the end of the questioning. In fact, you should be excited because this is the beginning of your journey!

For example, I did this entire exercise in recent months, and it really helped me focus my efforts in the direction I needed to go. Honestly, it can also be done in any situation and at any circumstance in life as a “checkpoint”. I hope you enjoy it and get something good from it!

Episode Outline

0:10 – Vid Intro
4:14 – PDF Download Mention
4:22 – Question 1
5:54 – Question 2 (Correction: it’s Garden & Gun Magazine)
8:51 – Question 3
12:40 – Question 4
14:11 – Question 5
15:55 – Question 6
17:01 – Question 7
21:50 – What’s next? (Outro Info)

Do you prefer a YouTube Video? Watch it HERE!

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