Do You Podcast? [Our Very First Episode…]

I can’t believe it. I actually did it.
You guys… I published my first podcast episode!

In this episode of a little something I like to call the “Intro Mini-Series”, you will find out why CREATORfollowing exists, how it was inspired, what’s its specific purpose is in your life and how it will benefit you!

I am seriously terrified, but also excited about this endeavor! I’m hoping this podcast will help people navigate through their narrative. My goal is to connect with other creatives and I want us to explore potential together. Will you join in?


Episode 001 – Outline
0:40 – Why CREATORfollowing Exists
2:25 – A Very Brief “About Me”
4:13 – CREATORfollowing’s Purpose
5:15 – Types of Creatives and Categories
7:12 – Intro to Your True Calling
8:21 – Three Points About Creatives and Creativity
12:35 – Recap of How This All Works Together
14:57 – Sneak Peak for Next Episode

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