All About Journaling [Ep. 005]

The CREATOR following Podcast - All About Journaling - Episode 005

Today, we will talking all about journaling! It’s been quite the busy week here at CREATOR following because we are moving. No, we aren’t moving to another state, thank the heavens. We are moving to another apartment, and hopefully a better living situation. It’s pretty awesome because I found all of my old journals, and I can’t wait to look through them and reminisce in the weeks and months to come.

About This Episode…

Journaling is one of the most important aspects in living the creative life, and I want to talk about those reasons and how I journal in my own creative life. I firmly believe in this practice because I had a season in my life that I didn’t journal, and my memory of those times suffers greatly. Don’t get caught not documenting your life.

What Do You Mean “All About Journaling”?

We as humans have been documenting since the dawn of time. It would be a travesty if we stop accounting for events, people and happenings all of a sudden.

In this episode, we will talk all about journaling, the 3 ways we can keep a journal, and how to keep one consistently. I try my best to stay consistent because it helps me not get bogged down, and gives me ways to avoid creative block. I hope these tips will help you in keeping your own creative record as well!

Episode Outline

0:07 – Vid Intro
0:37 – Beginning of Backstory
2:12 – The 3 Common Journal Types
5:18 – What to Consider When Journaling
5:43 – Consideration #1
6:34 – Consideration #2
7:54 – Consideration #3
9:38 – Consideration #4
10:25 Consideration #5
12:01 – Recap
13:41 – Journal Types
16:03 – Things to Help You Journal Better
18:10 – An Unconventional Journal
19:13 – Encouragement and Challenge

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all about journaling

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