A Creative Podcast, for YOU.

If you are breathing… You are creative, and this blog and creative podcast is made for YOU!

The CREATOR following Podcast is for creative people wanting to grow in their creativity and to find their true calling!

Whether your goal is to discover your gifts and talents, or to improve on what you already do. You might find yourself wanting to learn more about what social media marketing can do for your business. Maybe it’s your goal to become an influencer in your world. Or if you simply want to find where you belong in your lifetime, we’ve got the tools, resources and experience to help you become a success!

We strive to bring you relevant creator content from other creatives. But also to enrich your life, by sharing our perspectives and stories, in order to help you live your life with true purpose.

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Learn About Who I Am, and Why I Made This Creative Podcast:

My name is Lo Mitchell, and I’m the mastermind behind The CREATOR following Podcast. I also own Lovely Lo Creative, and I am the Creative Director for Manna Church.

You are created to create, whether you believe that God exists or not.

I’ve grown tired of society’s standard for creativity, and its perception of God-inspired art and communication. My dream is to help you cultivate and discover what is buried deep within your heart. Furthermore, my goal is to get you to share that with the world.

Why, you ask? Because there is something in here for YOU!

So, it is my desire to lead unique and driven creatives to use their gifts and talents. And my purpose is to guide you in making art, and to help you use it to bring true purpose to your life!